Alejandro (Alex) Garanto




Junior Principal Investigator





Scientific background

I studied Biology at the University of Barcelona. Subsequently, I enrolled in the PhD program of the Department of Human Genetics of the same university under the supervision of Prof. R. Gonzàlez-Duarte and Dr. G. Marfany. After the completion of my PhD (2011) on the functional characterization of a gene associated with inherited retinal disease, I stayed one year in the group of Dr. Marfany working on the exciting world of deubiquitinating enzymes and their role in the retinal fate. In 2012, I moved to Nijmegen and joined the group of Dr. Collin at the Radboudumc as a post-doc. Since then,  I have focused my scientific career towards the development of novel therapeutic interventions for inherited retinal disease.  In 2017, I started to establish my own group at the Department of Human Genetics on therapeutic RNA and DNA editing for retinal diseases. Currently, I am a junior principal investigator at the Radbodumc.

Hobbies outside science

I like music, travelling, watching TV series or movies (either on Netflix or Cinema), playing board games and spending time with my family, pets and friends.


Radboud university medical center

Department of Human Genetics

Route 855

Geert Grooteplein-Zuid 30

6525 GA Nijmegen

The Netherlands