Rob W.J. Collin




Principal Investigator






Scientific background

Following the completion of my MSc studies in Chemistry, I obtained my PhD studying the physiological role of proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease. Thereafter, I moved to the field of Human Genetics, where I first was involved in identifying genetic causes of inherited hearing loss and, later, visual impairment. Intrigued by the upcoming potential of genetic therapies to treat these diseases, I shifted gears and build my own group around the topic of developing novel therapeutic strategies for inherited retinal diseases.

Hobbies outside science

In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer myself as well as coaching junior teams. In addition, I like cooking, reading, playing games, and spending time with family and friends.


Radboud university medical center

Department of Human Genetics

Route 855

Geert Grooteplein-Zuid 30

6525 GA Nijmegen

The Netherlands