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Tomasz Tomkiewicz




PhD candidate






Scientific background

I received my BSc in Medical Science from Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and my MSc in Molecular Medicine from Trinity College Dublin. For my masters research thesis I worked for a year in the Irish National Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Reference Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Richard Hagan. My research project involved the investigation of the influence on the outcome of allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplant caused by variants in genes metabolising myeloablative drugs Busulfan and Cyclophosphamide.

I’ve always had interest in human genetics and I was delighted when I was accepted as a combined PhD in the groups of Dr. Collin, Dr. Garanto and Prof. Cremers. Now, I am involved in developing AON-based treatment for patients suffering from an inherited retinal disease known as Stargardt Disease. I am especially interested in mutations affecting pre-mRNA splicing and how AONs can be employed in rescue of those transcripts.

Hobbies outside science

Sometimes science cannot answer all the questions, therefore I am also a vivid explorer of the world of philosophy. I enjoy volunteering, before moving to the Netherlands I was a member of the Immigrant Council of Ireland and in Nijmegen I joined the Donders PhD council in Nijmegen. I like combat sports (only watching) and team sports such as basketball.   

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