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Anita Hoogendoorn




Research Technician





Scientific background

In 2013 I started with the study Life Sciences with a specialization in Biomolecular Research at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. During my study I joined the lab of Dr. Emma Andersson at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden for an internship of 6 months. There I studied the effect of mutations in the receptor-ligand interaction between Notch and Jagged1. For my second internship I joined the lab of Dr. Rob Collin at the Human Genetics department of the RadboudUMC for 8 months. During this internship I studied the involvement of PCARE in the morphogenesis of photoreceptor outer segment discs. After 4 years of studying I obtained my bachelor and I started as a research technician in the group of Dr. Alex Garanto.

Hobbies outside science

In my free time I like to watch movies and series, play games and spend time with friends and family. Furthermore, I like to travel and to discover new places. 

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