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Edwin van oosten




PhD candidate






Scientific background

I received my Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Utrecht University in 2018. After which, I continued with a Master of Science in Neuroscience and Cognition, also at the Utrecht University. I focussed my Master’s degree on neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration using different in-vitro / ex-vivo models. I have been particularly interested in organoid technology, and after finishing my Master’s, I worked for 1 year as a research associate on colorectal- and breast cancer organoids.

I am therefore excited that I can continue in this field as a PhD-candidate in the lab of Dr. Alex Garanto. As part of the “Retina-on-chip: Modeling and treating eye diseases in a dish” consortium, I will focus my research on the development of in-vitro models of inherited retinal diseases, using iPSC and organoid technologies.

Hobbies outside science

Outside of science I like to relax by either making food and trying out a new recipe, binge-watching Netflix series, or going to concerts with friends. I also like to go on long walks in nature to enjoy and learn about all the flora and fauna that is around us!

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