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Irene Vázquez Domínguez




Junior Post-Doc





Scientific background

I obtained both my BSc in Biology with a double specialization in Genetics and Health Biology and a MSc in Genetics and Cell Biology at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. During that time, I had the opportunity to participate in research projects in what would later become my major focus: the field of non-coding RNA (such as miRNAs or siRNAs) and rare diseases. My interest in the RNA therapeutic field grew with this  research and I decided to develop my academic career in that area. After my master’s degree I obtained a PhD studentship that enabled me to pursue my interests in a project that investigated miRNAs as both a prognostic and a therapeutic tool in cancer (T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma). I developed this research at the Molecular Biology Centre Severo Ochoa (Madrid) under the supervision of Dr. José Fernández Piqueras and Dr. Laura González Sánchez. I defended my PhD thesis in September 2018 and obtained a mark of Excellent Cum Laude, the highest score available in Spain. Once my PhD viva was done and I received the PhD title I looked to increase my knowledge in RNA therapeutics by investigating in a different area that was at the same time related to my previous experience. Therefore, I started as a junior post-doc at the Collin and Garanto’s lab, where I am currently studying AON-based splice modulation approaches to develop novel therapeutic strategies for inherited retinal disorders.

Hobbies outside science

In my leisure time I like to read and enjoy writing short stories, such as short novels, to relax myself. Besides this, I love cooking desserts (but not other kinds of food), swimming and drawing as well as spending time with family and friends.

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