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Nuria Suárez Herrera




PhD candidate






Scientific background

I obtained my BSc in Biochemistry and MSc in Translational Medicine at Universitat de Barcelona. At that time, I did an internship for almost two years in Dr. Hernández-Gea’s lab (Hepatic Hemodynamics and Portal Hypertension, IDIBAPS), where I conducted translational research in liver fibrosis, aiming to develop therapies to prevent fibrosis progression. Afterwards, driven by my interest in bench-to-bedside research, I joined Dr. Collin and Dr. Garanto’s group (Human Genetics Department, Radboudumc) as a PhD student in StarT network, where I am currently working on the development of novel antisense oligonucleotide-based splice modulation therapies for deep-intronic ABCA4 mutations in Stargardt Disease.

Hobbies outside science

Apart from science, my interests also include getting to know more about other cultures such as Japanese and Korean, so whenever I get the chance I read stories and watch movies/series produced originally in these countries (and hopefully one day I will go there by myself). In addition to that, I like to exercise after work to disconnect a bit and I truly enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

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